Saturday, September 27, 2008

Work In Sanity - Idaho International Film Festival - 2008

OK. We've all seen some low budget Indie classics. My personal favorite of all time: "Passing Stone." You will never see it. You are missing out. This is the best acting I have ever seen and *if* you can find a way to see it you'll lose your mind. "He did this? With $18,000? No way! There is no way on earth!"

So, what can you do for less? Much, much, much less? 'Work In Sanity.' Total budget: $300! For the record you get the 'Hard Core Indie Award' from me. Yes, it is possible to do really, really cool stuff for nothing. I couldn't resist and in the Q&A had to ask: "The psoriasis was really disgusting. What did you use for that special effect?" Cecellia tells me: "Elmer's Glue and some blush." Several seconds later you have an oozing, peeling and disturbingly realistic rash that appears to be festering. It was disgusting. It made me cringe.

The film itself is a weird and at times painful account of the deranged daily lives of some telemarketers. This one goes from strange to 'out there' and beyond so quickly that you will lose your mind. Clearly this is by design. What in particular? A super-hero dude that shows up late night at a convience store to buy rolling papers. They don't sell papers, but "papers are included for free with Drum tobacco..." Our random telemarketer is there having just been thwarted by arcane laws that limit alcohol sales to particular hours. Turns out the super-hero has beer at home, doesn't want the tobacco which he happlily offers up for free. A friendship is born and there's maddness in the air!

I have no intention of blowing the plot here. Suffice to say this one is really, really out there and a piece of work. Some will hate it. But wait, there's chickens! They have Orwellian 'office behavior' monitoring cameras amidst the cubicles. Fantastic! This is classic Hard Core Indie. You love it or hate it, but anyone watching this one will see some of the magic unfold. And? Added plus? Have you ever had a really, really shitty office job? Really bad? Trust me on this. There's a lot of people out there who can relate to this film. The bad and the boring the really, really awful? There's a number of ways people try to keep their sanity at these jobs and if you can relate you will love this.

Haven't seen it? Oh, come on! Get out of the house! The Idaho International Film Festival is dishing up rare and seldom seen gems. There are priceless moments to be had. Effortlessly. Get on out to the festival and catch some films. You won't see anything like this one on T.V. Really! There's a few days left. Make it happen!


Blogger Patricia said...

This movie was so enticing; no one wanted to leave the theatre. I have never seen an audience so thoroughly snatched by amazing writing, twisted plot lines, suspicious chickens and the TRUTH. This movie told the truth and brought you through more personal knot holes and crazy brain crannies than 20 so called indies could. This movie and this writer should be kidnapped by Sony…permanently, if they had a clue.

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